How It Works

Register and Login

To register click on the “Register” link on the landing page of the Marginal Fields Bid Round Portal. Complete the registration form (ensure you have a valid email address) and hit on the 'Register" button, after accepting the Terms & Conditions, to complete your registration. Email verification link would be sent to you via the email address provided during the registration, you are required to login to your email and click on the verification link. You would not be able to login to the portal without verifying your email first. Login into the portal using the profiled email address/password, and complete your registration by completing all the sections listed on the "Profile" menu page. Upon completion, click on the "Submit" section of the profile page and submit your registration. Your company will be communicated of the outcome of this registration, if your have been pre-qualified, based on submitted documents.

Application and Processing

At this stage, only Pre-qualified companies are allowed to apply for assets on the Marginal Fields Bid Round portal. If you have been Pre-qualified, the next step is for you to apply for any of the assets listed on the portal. Please note that, you can only apply for one asset per application is allowed. Select the field you want to bid for and any additional field(s) you want to lease data on. Click on "Save and Continue" on the application page to generate the invoices for payment

Teller and Proof of Payment Upload

On the Invoice History panel on the dashboard, the invoice generated would be visible for the company with the current status. Company is required to upload her teller or proof of payment by clicking on “Choose file” button on action column of the invoice table. Select the file from the file upload dialogue screen. Select the file and click on open, to complete the selection.

Payment Confirmation

Payment confirmation is carried our by the review board and a confirmation email will be sent you via email. Once payment is confirmed, you can then proceed to continue with the following processes where applicable: (a) Book Pry Date (b) Visit DPR's office for Lease data (with evidence of payment) (c) Visit DPR's office for CPR & Field Specific Report (where applicable and with evidence of payment)

Data Prying

Applicant can now click on the “book pry date” to schedule date and time for the data prying, which would take place physically at DPR office. On the pry booking page, the applicant has to select an available date, time, seats, and fields you wish to pry the data. Then click on the “Book” button below. Now, the applicant is required to proceed with the payment. Note: Payment for Data Prying is mandatory for all assets.

Technical and Financial Bid Submission

This portal allows the companies to submit Technical & Financial bids submission by ensuring that all uploaded documents are well screened and legible. To submit the above documents, click on "Application" menu and then select "View pending applications" from the drop down menu. Complete the required fields and upload all required documents. Hit on the "Submit" button once you are done filling the form.